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How To Set Up A New iPad

It’s just after Christmas and you are ready to open and set up that brand new iPad that your great Aunt Katherine gave you. Whether you’re a first timer or a seasoned pro we’ve put together this guide to help to help make your setup process as seamless as possible! We’ll also cover a few other things such as pairing an Apple Pencil or AirPods to your device as well as redeeming an iTunes gift card to make your first purchase.

Initial Setup

Once you power on the tablet you will be greeted with the “Hello” screen. From here it will ask you to select your country or region and your language. The next screen that you will see will be Apple’s newest feature that helps ease the setup process and the would be “Quick Start” it allows you to use another device that is running iOS 11 to “quickly” set up your brand new device by using your Apple ID. You can find out more about the “Quick Start” feature HERE. The next step in manually setting up your iPad would be actually activating it. You should now be on the screen that prompts you to connect to your wi-fi network.

Connecting to Wi-Fi

After connecting to Wi-Fi you will be asked to secure your device either with Touch ID or by creating a simple passcode. If your prefer a password without numbers or a short four digit pin you can hit “Passcode Options” to customize it to your liking.

Restore or Set Up as New

From there you will be asked if you want to restore from either an iCloud or iTunes backup or just set up as a new iPad. If you’re upgrading from an older device we recommend backing that device up and restoring from that if you have information or work that you’re interested in keeping. If not then hit “Set Up as New iPad” and you’re on your way.

Finishing Up

After all of that you should be on the screen that asks for your Apple ID. If you forgot your password or you don’t have an Apple ID don’t fret, there’s a way to retrieve your password or set up a brand new ID by hitting “Don’t have an Apple ID or forgot it?”

Next up is Siri, if you have a device with Siri capability. You will also be asked to set up Apple Pay and iCloud Keychain, if you use or want to use it. We’ve covered that setup in other articles. (I will be writing those today and they will be linked here)

The final steps of the setup process include turning on Location Services, determining whether you want so share your device and app analytics with Apple and developers, and two brief tutorials on accessing the Dock and switching between apps. Once you’ve finished that you’re ready to use your brand new iPad!

If you are looking for new apps and games to get with your new iPad MacStories put together a great list of both over on there site! You can read about their favorite apps of 2017 here, and their favorite games here.


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