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Apple Education Event Wrap Up

While I wasn’t able to go to the Apple Event in person, a lot of other great people were. I decided to put together a wrap-up from the live-tweets from those that were there for the release of a new iPad. There is also some notes I put in during the live event as well.

Things started off with this Apple Education intro video

So there is no iBooks Author anymore. It is all in pages?

I think this is the resurgence of Pages, and I am excited to try it out.

This is huge. Could this mean that iCloud for the rest of us could get a bump too?


This was an interesting event that stayed completely Education focused, which was a refreshing thing to see by Apple. A lot of people were hoping for AirPower to be released, or a new Mac Pro announcement but honestly this was an iPad event and one for teachers.

I am excited to try out the new iWork suite and see if it has a place for my work, but honestly this was about schools and teaching kids with the tools they are familiar with. The iPad is that.

I am still curious how they plan to compete with the Chromebooks. From what I have seen on Twitter there are a lot of people who aren’t satisfied with updated specs and a $299 price tag per device for school. Budgets are a thing and if a school that wants to have a 1:1 program (1 Apple device per student) as small school with 300 students has to shell out close tp $90,000 just for the iPads. If they want to add on the new Logitech Crayon per ipad it is another $15,000.

I am not knowledgeable on how school budgets work, but the numbers here seem to indicate they need to either have a small fortune in the bank for specific events like this or they need to be in a very wealthy district. I am not sure if Apple intended to not compete with the prices Chromebooks offer or not, but it seems that it just isn’t on the same playing field.

There is still a lot of things Apple has planned with labs and more press junkets but until then, I am excited to see that Apple is passionate about the iPad, but I wish they put their money where their mouth is.

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