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Omnifocus Field Guide by David Sparks

  • September 24, 2018
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David Sparks has come out with an extensive Omnifocus Field guide in preparation for the new Omnifocus 3 release for macOS coming today. Here’s a trailer! David Sparks has been one of those people I buy pretty much anything…

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Hexterity: Welcome Back! — Wooji Juice→

Hexterity: Welcome Back! — Wooji Juice: Ten years ago today, the App Store opened for the first time. Ten years ago today, Wooji Juice began selling its first iOS app in the App Store. In the following months, there would…

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Do I Miss Touch ID? →

Donnie Harkcom at The Mealy Apple: There are times where Face ID is annoying and I wish I could have Touch ID back. For instance, when your phone is sitting on a desk or flat surface you cannot unlock your…

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